Saturday 26 May 2012

United Nations Armenia Office Statement on Discrimination against Sexual Minorities

*UN Armenia office

[Armenian version]

The United Nations in Armenia condemns the recent expressions and acts of violence and intolerance towards individuals and groups in Armenia, based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Such expressions and acts are never justified under any circumstances, and public office should not be used as a platform for promoting discrimination and intolerance. 

The general principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other United Nations human rights treaties to which Armenia is party, establish clear obligations on the part of States to protect people from discrimination, including on the basis of sex or other status. Where there is tension between cultural attitudes and universal human rights, universal human rights must always take precedence. 

The United Nations in Armenia urges the Armenian authorities to further address the current atmosphere of impunity by swiftly and thoroughly investigating these acts and to afford all persons the protections guaranteed under national and international law.

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