Tuesday 29 May 2012

Disgraced ARF Dashnaktsutyun MP Artsvik Minasyan, who endorsed anti-gay attackers and violence, approved as member of ARF parliamentary group in Armenia

As I am writing this post, reports say that ARF Bureau in Armenia approved Artsvik Minasyan to be member of their parliamentary group. Here we are, a person who endorsed attackers of alternative, gay friendly bar and encouraged anti-gay violence, once again becoming an MP to represent ARF Dashnaktsutyun in the Armenian parliament. With such representation, ARF stains its reputation. I encourage Armenians in Diaspora and ARF members make their discontent known loud and clear. Artsvik Minasyan should be made "not welcome person" in the Diaspora. I urge foreign embassies in Armenia to refrain from giving visas to Artsvik Minasyan, Eduard Sharmazanov and all those MPs and officials who encourage terrorism in Armenia.
Below is my commentary to Ararat magazine few days ago.

“I am glad to hear all these statements by ARF members and groups from the US. They condemn hate crime and homophobia in Armenia using the strongest possible wording. However, one important issue remains untouched: Those ARF MPs who endorsed the attackers and encourage anti-gay violence in Armenia, particularly Artsvik Minasyan and Artur Aghabekyan. Vahan Hovhannisyan spoke of ‘no phobia’ in the ARF, but like others failed to address the actions of members of the very parliamentary bloc he is chairing. Unless ARF Dashnaktsutyun addresses the issue of their disgraced MPs, all these good statements will remain insufficient and will not rectify the damage done to the party’s reputation. The MPs should be openly reprimanded and resign.”

[Read this comprehensive account by Ararat magazine of events related and following firebombing of DIY bar in Armenia capital Yerevan: Arson Attack on Gay-Friendly Bar in Yerevan Raises Fears of Nationalist Extremism]
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