Sunday 21 December 2014

Positive representation of gay people on Russian TV - Физика или Химия

Browsing YouTube, I accidentally came across this Russian TV series Физика или Химия [Physics or Chemistry]. It’s a Russian adaptation of original Spanish TV series Física o Química.

I watched only one episode - therefore I cannot reflect the whole series - but was struck by positive, away from cliché, representation of gay people on Russian TV. So many aspects of it were done so good, including the choice of characters, relationships with friends, coming out, parents’ reaction...

This could have been a textbook example of how media should portray LGBT people, especially in countries where homophobia is very high and there is big gap and lack in education on matters of sexuality and gender identity. And what is even more important, that the series are based in a high school setting in Moscow, raising important youth relevant issues.

Unfortunately, there was only 1 season produced and shown on Russian CTC TV channel in 2011, and, of course, considering the subsequent developments in Russia, where homophobia elevated to the state level by the so called gay propaganda laws and other examples of intolerance, you will unlikely to see anything similar in the near future.

It's a big shame that country with such a great intellectual and cultural potential to champion diversity, equality, acceptance within post-Soviet space and beyond, instead turned into an epitome of intolerance and homophobia.