Tuesday 26 July 2011

Yerkir Media TV report on Pincet gig and Armenians at Istanbul Gay Pride


Side by side (2): Armenian presence at Istanbul Gay Pride

Armenian all-female punk rock band Pincet heats the things up during Istanbul Gay Pride week

Armenian guy quit Patriarchate, came out as gay, seeks asylum in Israel

*via Haarets

The man who would be Israeli

Tobmas Glastian came to Israel to become a priest. But once he came out as gay and left the church, the Interior Ministry refused to grant him a visa to stay here.
By Ilan Lior

Tobmas Glastian wants to be an Israeli. "Everyone calls me Tomas," he says, accepting the mispronunciation with understanding. He has lived here for almost half his life, all his friends are Israeli, and he speaks Hebrew almost at the same level as a native speaker. The truth is that he already feels Israeli in every way - and only the official document is missing.

Glastian, 29, was born in Armenia. He arrived in Israel at the age of 16 to study at the seminar of the Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem, with the intention of becoming a priest. He studied there for three years until one day he decided to escape. He had understood he was a homosexual and wanted to come out of the closet.

Glastian had not told anyone at the seminar about his sexual preference. He knew the church would consider it a terrible sin and would not accept him into its fold. At first, he informed only his parents in Armenia, but their response left him frightened and desperate.

"My parents no longer wanted me. They said they would rather I die than go back home. That shut the door for me; I no longer have a family," he says.

Thus, Glastian was left completely alone at the age of 19. He hastened to leave Jerusalem in favor of Tel Aviv. He was scared to go back to conservative Armenia and, in fact, he admits, he had no reason to go there. Three years later, a long while after his visa to Israel had expired, he was unable to find work and decided to turn to the United Nations and ask for political asylum in Israel. As part of a routine process, he was granted the temporary status of an asylum seeker that has to be renewed every six months.

"They don't even allow me to request permanent residency status," he says, adding that every time he raises the subject, he is told he has to undergo a comprehensive interview once more to get refugee status and only then will he be able to request permanent residency in Israel.

"I don't have a problem with undergoing an interview again," he says. "They have been telling me for two and a half years already that I must go for the interview but they don't make an appointment for me. Every time I ask them, they say: 'Okay, we'll make an appointment and tell you to come,' but nothing moves."

Meanwhile, Glastian heads off to the Interior Ministry's office every six months. "I wait there for three hours; they check here, they investigate there; and in the end, they tell them on the telephone: 'Come on! Sign already.' They treat me there in a humiliating fashion; it's very offensive. Today, without bragging, I consider myself more Israeli than an Israeli. There is not a drop of Armenia in me any longer."

A few months ago, Glastian turned to Knesset member Nitzan Horowitz of Meretz and requested his help. Horowitz sent him to attorney Dr Yuval Livnat from Tel Aviv University's Human Rights Clinic who deals with the rights of refugees, in the hope he would help to get matters solved. Judging by past experience, Livnat is not optimistic - on the contrary.

No homosexual has so far been recognized as a refugee in Israel. According to the UN's Refugee Charter, a refugee is a person who is faced with a real threat of persecution in his homeland on the background of race, religion, nationality, political affiliation or belonging to a certain social group.

"All the countries in the western world have determined that homosexuals and lesbians belonging to a certain social group, and therefore they can be considered refugees," says Livnat. "In the State of Israel, at the present moment, this is not yet so."

Even if Glastian manages to create a precedent and becomes the first homosexual who is recognized as a refugee in Israel, he will still be far from having the permanent-resident status he so desires. Israel has never granted permanent residency to a refugee. "To my great regret, in Israel, even if you are recognized as a refugee, you remain a temporary resident forever," Livnat explains. "As of today, that is the unfortunate lot of all the refugees in Israel."

Despite the difficulties, Glastian speaks admiringly of Israel. He feels this is his country. "I love this country. In my first interview at the UN, they asked me if I would prefer to go to another country and I didn't want to under any circumstances. But from time to time, I have the feeling that maybe I made a mistake and that perhaps it would have been better to go somewhere else where they absorb you immediately and they give you the opportunity to advance in life and not to remain stuck," he says.

"Today, with all my love for Israel, I feel like I am stuck and this hurts me a great deal."

According to the Interior Ministry: "Mr Tobmas Glastian entered Israel in 1998 on a tourist visa. After a number of years, he registered with the UN and submitted a request for political asylum, and it was decided to give him a temporary work permit until a decision was made in his case. His visa is a temporary one that is given for as long as the request is under consideration and it has to be renewed every few months. The visa makes it possible to work in Israel. His request is being examined by the population and migration authority."

Saturday 23 July 2011

Armenian parents response to New York gay marriages :)

As you may know, New York is gearing up for their first legal gay marriages.

Thanks to @writepudding, I got this link to The New York Times Special Issue on Gay Marriage.

There was this story there that tells of parents of gay children pushing for gay marriage.
With same-sex marriage now legal in New York, some gay sons and daughters are starting to feel the same heat from parents as do their straight siblings.
...and I started imagining what the Armenian parent would do in the similar circumstances: pushing for marriage of their gay children, fixing 'accidental' date meetings, say, for their son with a son of their friend etc. :))
"տղա ջան, տունն ես մնացել, այդքան լավ տղերք կան մեր շրջապատում, մեկին չես կարում ճարել"
And thanks to Bella, I got reminded of this hilarious anecdote (AM) - not new but still too funny and very relevant - that I have to share with you:

Էդ անեկդոտը գիտես չէ, որ երկու սփյուռքահայ կին հանդիպում են, պարզվում ա, որ մեկի տղան տղայի հետ ա ամուսնացել, մյուսը ասում ա, - «Գոնե հայ ա» ?

Tuesday 19 July 2011

UNAIDS: Armenia lifts travel ban for people living with HIV

Excellent news!

Armenia lifts travel ban for people living with HIV


GENEVA, 15 July 2011—The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) commends the decision by the Government of Armenia to lift its travel restrictions for people living with HIV. The reforms—which took effect yesterday—align the country’s legislation with international public health standards.

Restrictions that limit an individual’s movement based solely on HIV-positive status are discriminatory and violate human rights. There is no evidence that such restrictions protect public health or prevent HIV transmission. Furthermore, HIV-related travel restrictions have no economic justification, as people living with HIV can lead long and productive working lives.

“I welcome Armenia’s decision to lift its HIV-related travel restrictions,” said UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé. “I urge other countries to follow Armenia’s example and take the necessary steps to remove punitive laws and practices as a matter of priority,” he added.

With the removal of Armenia’s travel restrictions, UNAIDS counts 48 countries, territories, and areas that continue to impose some form of restriction on the entry, stay and residence of people living with HIV based on HIV status. Five countries deny visas even for short-term stays and 22 countries deport individuals once their HIV-positive status is discovered.

Saturday 16 July 2011

Armenia - ‘gay surrogacy paradise’ (report)

Who knew? :)

via Surrogacy Clinics

Gay Surrogacy Agencies in Armenia

Armenia is one of the leading medical tourism destinations for gay couples from all over the world looking for surrogate mothers because of its liberal surrogacy laws. The mushrooming of many a gay surrogacy agency in Armenia has made it possible for singles and gay couples to live their dreams of enjoying the joyful moments of parenthood. Armenia is a host to a large number of surrogacy facilities providing world class medical amenities and that too at a fraction of what it would cost in any other part of the globe. 

Many gay men have a longing for starting their own families. The legal complexities and time involved in adoption for gay couples makes surrogacy a more favored route to beginning their own families.

Surrogacy is a process wherein a woman, as a part of a financial contract, carries and delivers a child for others, with or without having a genetic relationship with the child. In gay surrogacy, one of the partners provides sperms that will be utilized for fertilizing the eggs of the donor or surrogate mother.

Why Gay Surrogacy in Armenia?

There are a number of advantages synonymous with going in for gay surrogacy in Armenia. The leading factors contributing to Armenia’s popularity as a leading gay surrogacy destination are as follows:

• Gay surrogacy in Armenia is very popular because Armenian laws do not illegalize surrogacy for gays, unlike many other European and western countries which have criminalized the same.
• Surrogacy for gay couples can be an emotionally trying and stressful experience with surrogate agencies in many countries refusing to treat their cases. Often inquiries for surrogacy by gays are dismissed by clinics in other countries on the grounds that gay men cannot cater to the overall developmental needs of the infant. Legal ambiguities and moral reasons can also play a dampener in the surrogacy efforts of gay couples. Armenia provides a number of avenues in the forms of IVF clinics and surrogacy agencies for gay couples looking for surrogate mothers.
• The geographical proximity to East European and West Asian countries, some of which have banned surrogacy for singles and same-sex couples, has made Armenia a sought-after destination since it ensures minimum travel costs.
• Also, cost of gay surrogacy in Armenia is a big draw, as the prices here are a pittance when compared to costs in the USA and the UK. However, low costs do not mean compromising with the quality of services offered.

Gay Surrogate Mothers in Armenia

Under Gay surrogacy programs in Armenia, surrogate mothers undergo various rigorous physical and psychological tests for a couple of months. Potential surrogate mothers are young and healthy females belonging to the age group of 18 to 35 years, with their own children and with no history of pregnancy related complications. More and more gay couples and singles are coming to Armenia as Armenian surrogate mothers are responsible citizens who have been screened for various kinds of ailments that can otherwise pose a risk to both the pregnancy and the infant’s longevity.

Legal Framework for Surrogacy in Armenia

Armenia is one of the countries in the world that have decriminalized surrogacy for single and same-sex parents. Surrogacy in Armenia is governed by the Armenian Reproductive Rights Law, applicable on both Armenians and international patients, which stipulate that a surrogate cannot refuse to pass on the infant to the party with which a contract has been entered into. However, a surrogate who is also an egg donor can rescind a contract, provided she reimburses all the expenses that have been incurred on the pregnancy. The intended parents are legally bound to incur all the expenses related to the pregnancy. In order to avoid problems in the future, detailed contracts are recommended. 

Armenia is a beautiful Eurasian country nestled between Eastern Europe and Western Asia and has a lot to offer to tourists looking for a combination of the wonders of nature and creations of man in the form of picturesque landscapes and amazing rock formations and, beautiful monasteries and castles, along with numerous museums showcasing an eclectic collection of glass work, jewellery, and contemporary art. A medical trip can be combined with a planned itinerary of this amazing country. The inexpensive world-class medical facilities, along with hassle-free legislations make gay surrogacy agencies in Armenia a preferred choice for ensuring a passport to the bliss of having children.

Thursday 14 July 2011

Armenian author publishes new book - "My Gay Dream"

I have not read this book yet. In fact, today is the first time - thanks to this press release (below) - I learned of the author and his book.

You may have a look at Google book preview here (selected pages only).

Full book is available to buy on Amazon and elsewhere (Dorrance Publishing).

"My Gay Dream," a new book by Alex Ikke-Tuppel, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

In "My Gay Dream," Alex Ikke-Tuppel expresses the loneliness his lead character is feeling, as he really has no friends, only acquaintances. Many of his hours are spent alone at the café…drinking and daydreaming…daydreaming and drinking.

After some soul searching, he realizes it is up to him to do something to change this bleak existence, and he reaches out to Mark, one of only three people with whom he spends any time at all. This leads to their forming a "quasi-friendship" with Carl and Roger, a well-to-do gay couple who recently moved to town and with whom he feels relatively comfortable. Oh, by the way…Mark is also gay, as is our leading man, but his interest in these three guys is purely platonic.

As life drones on, he spends more time with his "close friends" Armani, Versace, Cavalli, and Gucci, to name a few. This indulgence lifts his spirits significantly and through his association with them, in addition to Mark, Carl, and Roger, he enters the beau monde of the fashion industry, living the high life of haute couture and travel.

There is a new "person of interest" on the scene, who becomes the romantic object in our guy’s fantasies when he seems to appear everywhere-the café, the gym, etc. Is this the man of his dreams? Is this finally the life he has been waiting for, or is it just an illusion?

About the Author:
Alex Ikke-Tuppel is a native of Yerevan, Armenia. He is single and currently in sales for a manufacturer of semiconductors, but also has a Ph.D. in Engineering. In addition to his writing, he also has an interest in psychology.

"My Gay Dream" is an 150-page paperback with a retail price of $21.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4349-0963-3. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom at www.dorrancepressroom.com or our online bookstore at www.dorrancebookstore.com.

Editor-in-chief of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan on her Sochi gay club experience with Armenian twists & not only

Margarita Simonyan, the editor of Russia Today, announced on Twitter that she is going to write a column about her experiences in Sochi [Russian seaside resort] gay club. The column is pretty long, with interesting and not only gay related twists, I’d recommend to read. Below is an extract (RU) of the copy of her column that Margarita re-posted on her blog today.
-- А я читал, что в Англии Элтона Джона обвенчали с мужиком, -- сообщает Фауст.
-- Что в мире творится! – возмущается дядь Арут.
-- Это не в мире, это в Англии, -- успокаивает его Анжелка.
-- Нет. Не в Англии, -- вдруг мрачнеет Фауст. Опускает голову и беспорядочно чертит ножом по столу. – Я вам должен одну вещь сказать.
            Брат поднимает на нас свои сверкающие черные глаза под сверкающими черными бровями и медленно произносит:
-- В Сочи открыли гей-клуб.
            Пауза.  И сразу после нее:  
-- Да ну нах??? – хором вопят по-армянски мои родственники и еще человек 20 за соседними столиками, которые с увлечением слушали наш разговор.
-- Открыли, в натуре, гей-клуб! – клянется Фауст. -- Я, правда, сам не верю, я думаю, там в клубе никого нет, а вокруг клуба одни натуралы сидят на корточках, семечки жуют и ждут, когда первый гей появится.
-- Едем туда! – решаю я. Мне же надо веселую колонку писать. А веселее, чем гей-клуб в городе, где каждый второй – Фауст Сирунянц, сложно себе что-то представить.
В общем, несмотря на протесты Фауста и ужас в глазах дядь Арута, решаем ехать. Еще и берем с собой маму – развеяться. Брат тоже едет с нами, потому что кто же нас отпустит одних. Остается отпросить у мужа Анжелку.
Моя подружка бежит от себя много лет. Она родилась Иннокентием Анненским, но в 21 нецелованной вышла замуж, с тех пор рожает детей и варит туршу из фасоли.  Муж у нее – бандит. С бычьей шеей и мертвой хваткой – все как положено.
И я должна отпросить у него подругу в гей-клуб.  
-- Какой гейклуб-мейклуб я не знаю. Моя жена дома должна сидеть. Зачем она пойдет – чтоб на нее там смотрели все? – говорит, естественно, муж.
-- Ну, брат, -- уговариваю я, -- на нее никто не будет смотреть. Там народ не по этому профилю.
-- Профиль-анфас я не знаю. Твой муж тебя не умеет воспитывать, а моя жена дома должна сидеть, базар окончен.
-- Брат, но ты пойми, ей нужно расслабляться. Это ГЕЙ-КЛУБ! Мы даже если голые придем, никому там не будем нужны!
-- Сказки мне не рассказывай! Гей-клуб она придумала! Откуда в Адлере геи?
-- Ну что ж, ну геи, что такого? Еще Блок говорил, что только влюбленный имеет право…
-- Когда блок говорил, керамзит что делал? Дальше ты что мне скажешь?
            Дальше сказать было нечего. Мы просто напоили Анжелку так, что ей уже было все равно, в какую сторону у мужа кепка. Она выключила телефон и поехала с нами.
            Первый шок случился в такси. Вместо привычного «Рафик послал всех на фиг» кассетник фыркнул на меня женским голосом: «Эппрувал энд дисэппрувал. Одобрение и неодобрение».
-- Английский учу, -- смущенно пояснил пожилой таксист дядь Мигран. – Пахомов сказал, кто английский не выучит, за Мамайку всех переселят. Чтоб не позорили Олимпиаду – так сказал.
-- Сядь, Анжела, угомонись! – кричу я. Но подруга меня не слышит. Ее несет далеко. Сквозь уроки английского, которые таксист и не думал выключать, до меня доносится непонятно к чему относящийся анжелкин всхлип:
-- Армяне – непобедимые, летающие в космос люди!
            И  тут мы, наконец, подъезжаем к клубу. Таксист сидит мрачный и злой. Фауст спрашивает:
-- Ты что, злишься на нас, дядь Мигран? Ну, выпила, женщина, не сильно она там тебе все и прожгла, и ликера разлила не так много.
-- Этот ваш клуб у меня вызывает большой дисэппрувал, -- отрезает таксист и до рубля отсчитывает нам сдачу.
            Дальше железная дверь без опознавательных знаков. На входе женщина – а, может, это был и мужчина – оглядывает Фауста неодобрительно.
-- Молодой человек раньше был в нашем заведении? – строго спрашивает она.
-- Этот-то? Конечно, был! – улыбаюсь я.
-- Сомневаюсь, -- цедит женщина сквозь зубы. Но пропускает. Внутри за столиком уже сидит моя сестра – младшая, продвинутая. Она работает в «Олимпстрое», поэтому в этом клубе бывает часто. Мы заказываем еще выпить.
            А дальше – я не могу это описать! Я только скажу, что мой брат каждые 20 секунд орал: «ААААА!!!!» -- и еще иногда орал: «Мамой клянусь, это жесть!!!!»
            На сцене, тем временем, зажигали трансвестит Вартанчик и его подруга Аза, в миру сбежавший из не скажу какой республики дзюдоист Азамат. В зале истекала слюной пара адлерских бандюков-армян.
-- Мир, труд, май! – кричала со сцены Аза. – Это лучше, чем война, безработица, декабрь!
            И мы не могли с ней не согласиться. Отпев первый номер, сверкая кружевными красными стрингами и безупречной эпиляцией всего, Аза спустилась в народ. Когда она подошла к нашему столику, брат мой, с плечами в полстола, умудрился забиться под диванную подушку.  Аза двинулась напрямую к моей сестре.
Вообще в городе моя сестра знаменита тем, что она моя сестра. Но конкретно в этом заведении моя сестра знаменита тем, что у нее четвертый размер груди.  Аза подошла к нашему столику, поцеловала сестру и объявила:
-- Пока ты накачаешь такую задницу, как у меня, твои сиськи отвиснут до пуза.
            После чего воткнула гвоздику в мою пепси-колу и вернулась на сцену.
-- Москва есть в зале? – крикнула она.
-- Да!!!
-- Официанты, запомнили, где Москва сидит? А Хоста есть?
-- Да!
-- Ну слава Богу, олигархи все тут, -- сказала Аза и стянула с себя юбку, вызвав оргазмический вопль зала и одинокий обморок Фауста.  
            Таких Аз на сцену выходило штук пять или шесть. «Откуда, откуда они все у нас?» -- хрипел Фауст. Друг друга они называли трансухами и, не побоюсь этого слова, хачихами.  Одна прочитала то, что сама назвала стихотворением Тютчева «Хачи прилетели».
Дальше девочки тянули на сцену какого-то парня, сидевшего за ВИП-столиком, его с визгом тащила обратно пришедшая с ним девица, и Аза орала:
-- Боишься мужика потерять, води его на дистотеку «Черноморец», фигли ты его сюда привела, натуралка безмозглая?
            Потом на сцену вышла та, кого Аза объявила:
-- Народная артистка Якорной щели и Туапсе Валентина Монро. 
Она спела песню «За то, что только раз в году бывает май». Неплохо, кстати, спела. Ее сетчатый лифчик трепетал поверх богатырской груди, и нежно вздымалось жемчужное ожерелье прямо под выбритым кадыком.
Ну и дальше начался совсем ужас. Аза кричала кому-то:
-- Столик, за которым орали «Пидарасы!» -- вам отдельный поцелуй!
На сцене бесновалась полуголая Лайза Минелли, Аза подбадривала: «Давай-давай, Ваенга!», -- и последнее, что я помню, это как подруга моего детства, жена бандита, не целованная до свадьбы мать четверых детей, бросила на сцену гвоздику с криком: «Вартанчик, хочу еще!»

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Hall of Shame: Hraparak - homophobic Armenian daily/tabloid that spreads hate and disinformation

Here is the latest in a chain of totally misinformed, cheaply hateful articles on disgraced Armenian daily/tabloid - Hraparak, that firmly places it within the Homophobia Hall of Shame.

Boycott this paper. Don't waste your money on virulent hate and pseudo-journalism.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Reports (Epress.am): Armenia Defense Ministry insists no sexual assault incident at Goris military base

*via Epress.am

Armenian Defense Ministry Insists No Sexual Assault Incident at Goris Military Base

Epress.am received news of an incident that took place in one of the military bases in Goris last week: apparently a high-ranking officer, entering the base, witnessed three soldiers sexually assaulting another soldier.

As a form of punishment, the officer allegedly shot at the feet of the abusers.

Epress.am spoke with senior public relations officer of the Special Investigative Service at the RA Ministry of Defense Meri Sargsyan, who noted that no such incident took place.

“This information is not true,” she said.

Tuesday 5 July 2011

"Nkarichner" ('Painters') - short film

This is too good. I'd say, my discovery of the day. That's why I love social networks - Facebook, Google+...

...and YouTube channel of PurpleSona from Armenia is definitely worth checking. Arty, experimental, exciting.

Favourite British TV show Shameless for Manchester Gay Pride

One of my favourite British TV shows (there is now US version too) - Shameless - features in this highly entertaining short film, commissioned by Manchester Pride to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the festival which takes place this August Bank Holiday Weekend (Friday 26 - Monday 29 August 2011).

[and to remind, as I posted before] British Armenian Vicken Couligian appointed new chair of trustees at Manchester Pride

Thanks to Vicken for the link to the video and description (below).



A short film featuring some of the cast of the hit TV show Shameless has been commissioned by Manchester Pride to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the festival which takes place this August Bank Holiday Weekend.

The film entitled ‘First Time On Canal Street’ follows a boy venturing out on to the famous street to celebrate his 21st birthday. There, he interacts with some of the area’s famous faces, is seen in iconic bars and gets involved with LGBT groups showing the diversity of what the Village has to offer.

The film opens with Ciaran Griffiths (Mickey Maguire) from Shameless, out with his girlfriend and being ‘eyed up’ from the birthday boy. In turn, Mickey finds it flattering and offers advice on where to go on the famous street. With the added ‘Shameless’ involvement and rugby star Ben Cohen, this film captures the fun and diversity of the area, which we will further bring to life at the 21st Manchester Pride later this summer”.

Other Shameless cast members to feature in the film include: Rebecca Atkinson (Karen Maguire), Aaron McCusker (Jamie Maguire), Nicky Evans (Shane Maguire), Sally Carman (Kelly-Anne Maguire), Quasim Akhtar (Chesney Karib), Elliott Tittensor (Carl Gallagher), Alice Barry (Lillian Tyler), Karen Bryson (Avril Powell) and Emmanuel Oghidaro (Jackson Powell).

Monday 4 July 2011

‘Two alternatives’ for Armenia re Eurovision in Baku? I don’t think so. No ‘music wars’, please

Why on earth everyone ‘agrees’ that there are 2 alternatives for Armenia re Eurovision representation: either SOAD or Razmik Amyan?! Provided, if Armenia decides positively on participation, which seems likely. Of course, as I mentioned few times in my previous posts, there are still major concerns that Azeri authorities must address before the final decision is made by Eurovision officials and Armenia organisers.

Irrespective of Azerbaijan factor, I would love to see SOAD (System Of A Down) or similar band one day representing Armenia in Eurovision. Yes, I know, it’s not your typical Eurovision-like band, but - for a change - we could try with alternative genres too. Of course, I hope Public TV in Armenia & higher level decision makers understand (or must understand) that there should be no political songs there, well, at least not overtly political. I’d rather see messages of love, peace etc. In fact, Serj Tankian seems to understand this perfectly too. Two years ago, in response to similar speculations re their participation in Eurovision for Armenia, he stated: “A love song would probably do better than political song however".

Also, why suddenly everyone talks of Razmik Amyan as the 'only alternative to SOAD'? Just because he has Karabakh roots, and in Azerbaijan we should present either highly political SOAD or Karabakh-born Razmik Amyan? It’s a music contest, after all, and I sincerely hope that Armenia will not put itself into a ridiculous position of attempting at ‘music wars’ with Azerbaijan.

I am not fan of Razmik Amyan, never was. In my opinion, his music could become digestable only if he refrains (completely!) from that ‘klkloc’ part, although almost all of his songs suffer from that to a varying degree. Besides, his fashion sense and ‘moves’ are highly questionable image/style-wise, and close to ‘rabiz’ style. This will need an urgent image/style/fashion intervention, if his choice is finalised.

Let’s put forward and discuss few singers/bands, and (importantly) songs that they will represent. There should be several factors to take into account in decision making process, and those factors should not involve regional or international politics and place of birth.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Novak Djokovic - new No. 1 in tennis - Wimbledon - in drag and more

Before the match, I tweeted:
I am torn between my integrity and desires. I love Nadal in a kind of cute/sweet way, but I love Djokovic too, in a kind of rough way ;)))
Now let's remember how cheeky and playful Djokovic can be, especially with another sexy Serbian tennis player, Viktor Troicki, that is.

Warning: video contains serious touchings, and Djokovic in drag ;)


*video and pics - via Towleroad

London Pride: Rainbow love

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London Pride: "It's OK to be different"

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“We Love Blue” - Sexy pilots Blue in a surprise appearance at London Gay Pride 2011

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“We Love Blue” - Sexy pilots Blue in a surprise appearance at London Gay Pride 2011

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