Saturday 9 September 2017

Adamantine - gay-themed animated film set in Uzbekistan, directed by Art Arutyunyan

The animation itself is not outstanding, but it’s fun to watch. What caught my attention was the setting and background behind it:
Gay-themed fairytale animation… set in rural Uzbekistan… directed by Armenian-American filmmaker.
Quite a mixture, eh?! Btw, that guy who was turned into a rock in Adamantine looks very Armenian :)) See trailer below.

The official synopsis reads: “In this gay fairytale set in rural Uzbekistan, a young shepherd longs to find his true love; but an evil mountain witch might stand in the way of his happily-ever-after.”

No much information is available about Art Arutyunyan, other than he is a head of production and development at Together Magic Films.

LA-based Together Magic Films produced number of other LGBT-themed films, including trans-themed Funeral, HIV/AIDS-related Undetected and other films, directed and/or produced by Art Arutyunyan (here is a link to his IMDb page).

Says Art Arutyunyan: “We are proud to share LGBT stories that anyone can enjoy.”

His frequent collaborator is a filmmaker Armand Petri (very scarce information about him too, he is mentioned in one article as head of operations at Together Magic Films).

Here you can see few pics of Art Arutyunyan and Armand Petri working on their new film “Are You From Dixie?” (source of pictures)

 *Art Arutyunyan (right), Armand Petri (left)

From Together Magic Films FB page: “Film/TV Content Producer and Distributor. We create and release innovative stories with universal themes, and inclusive casts. Our catalog includes: the hit LGBT comedy series "How It All Began" (2017), the acclaimed HIV AIDS thriller "Undetectable" and the upcoming feature film "Are You From Dixie?," depicting Latino life in the modern-day South.”

Here is their VIMEO page.

If you have Amazon Prime in the UK and US, you can watch some of their films there too.