Wednesday 16 May 2012

Exposed: Chief of staff of Public Council of Armenia supports neo-nazi firebombers

Hakob Barkhudaryan, chief of staff of Public Council of Republic of Armenia, a consultative body at Armenia president, created a Facebook page in praise of neo-nazi attackers on DIY bar: "In support of firebombers of DIY club", calling for  attackers to be freed of persecution.

One of the main stated purposes of the Public Council of Armenia is "Representation of interests of the Armenian citizens and non-governmental associations in State policy formulation and implementation."

This is truly Scandal of the Day. We all know that this council is pretty much a formality, and there are quite a few openly homophobic members there. But support for terrorists? Unbelievable.

What is the position of the president of Public Council re this matter? What is the position of Armenia president?
The Public Council is led by the President of the Public Council appointed by the President of the republic of Armenia from among the members of the Public Council. [...] 12 out of the 36 members were appointed by the Order of the Armenian President and were tasked with setting up 12 area committees.
We need urgent answers as the consequences of this could be enormously damaging for the reputation of Armenia, suggesting support for neo-nazi and firebombers in the very heart of state structures.

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artmika said...

Interestingly, while I was making this post, thanks to activists, this group gets transformed into opposite one, demanding that perpetrators should be persecuted with the full force of criminal code.

However, this doesn't make chief of staff of the Public Council less responsible for his actions. At the least, he must resign or got fired.