Wednesday 9 May 2012

Please, help re-build DIY !! Your support is essential !!

Please, help re-build the best, the most creative, alternative, free-spirited bar in Yerevan - DIY!!

An oasis of freedom in Armenia, badly damaged as a result of hate crime: neo-nazi arson attack.

For background - see HATE CRIME: DIY bar in Armenia capital Yerevan under neo-nazi arson attack [CCTV footage: DIY: the moment of attack (CCTV footage)]

Boxes for donations are available in DIY, as well as in a number of other venues in Yerevan, including Calumet, Yellow Street and The Club.

If you wish to help, please, email me and I will advise re ways of support. Thank you!! 

Let's say our firm NO to neo-nazi elements in Armenia. Let's help to re-build DIY.

Your moral and other support to DIY owners and employees are essential too. Please, make your voice heard.

In the meantime, clean-up operation is underway...

*pictures by Nairi Hakhverdi