Thursday 17 May 2012

Armenia Heritage ['Zharangutyun'] party leader Raffi Hovhannisyan visited DIY after hate crime attack in a show of solidarity

It’s times like this bring the best and worst in people.

[HATE CRIME: DIY bar in Armenia capital Yerevan under neo-nazi arson attack]

Last Friday, in the aftermath of arson attack, concert was held in DIY for people to deliver their messages of support and solidarity with the venue and owners who suffered despicable hate crime.

Big respects to Armenia Heritage [‘Zharangutyun’] party leader Raffi Hovhannisyan, others, activists, artists and all who came to DIY that night to show their support.

Raffi becomes the first and the only so far leader of political party who stood up for values he believes in.

*Video report via CivilNet