Sunday, 7 June 2009

Tsovinar - Drowning in You [Lake Sevan remix]

Thanks to the author of Armenian Trends blog (in French), I came across this link to Tsovinar's music video - Drowning in You [Lake Sevan remix]. It's quite different and original.

Filmed on location at the Ayrivank Monastery and Lake Sevan, Armenia. Guest guitar player Vartan Rabidian. Based on the poem "The Evening Sea / Իրիկուան Ծովը" by Mateos Zarifian. Read by poet Lola Koundakjian (The Armenian Poetry Project).

From Tsovinar's MySpace blog:

I am not Hye though I lived in Armenia for several years. The name Tsovinar (Ծովինար) is very ancient and very sacred. It was given to one of the pre-Christian deities in the Armenian pantheon.

Tsovinar, or Nar, is the Armenian goddess of water, sea, and rain. A fire creature, she forces the rain and hail to fall from the heavens with her fury. Her name translates as "Nar on the sea." (Wikipedia)

The Armenian culture is one of the more fascinating ones I have ever had the honor of experiencing. I am a very poor musician and I believe it shows in these songs, but ever since I first heard the ancient wooden double-reed flute called the duduk I have been spell-bound by its haunting beauty. I have always wanted a chance to record with it and when the opportunity arose I took it.

I hope these songs please the listener. I do not try to pass myself off as something other that I am; a poor amateur scratching the surface of a beautiful world of music stretching back to the beginning of the mountains. I hope you can enjoy.

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