Tuesday, 23 June 2009

About Manneken Pis

I knew that I could not expect much of the so called ‘symbol’ of Brussels – Manneken Pis. But the reality was even worse, much worse than I expected. Manneken Pis is beyond words unremarkable. So bad, in fact, that I was almost speechless when I first saw it.

The only use of Manneken Pis is for tourist industry and related services. Few examples – below.


Babeth Vanesyan-Fouss said...

Unzipped jan, there you go, I knew you were a normal man, and normal man do mistakes !!!! You never EVER go to see Manneken Pis on your own or with a bunch of your friends without a proper guide ! You should have contacted me and then I would have explained to you that this little man used to piss on every Roman he passed on the street just to let them know they were on his territory, not theirs ! That was his way of making resistance and the good little lad was worth every statute he deserved ! If you come on the right day, he can piss beer and he has a collection of about 800 costumes. He is a very fine little boy, we are very proud of him because he made his voice heard the way he could ! Now next time you come to Brussels, call me first and don't act like an ignorant tourist ... with all due respect Unzipped jan !!!

artmika said...

Oh, no... now you made me feel bad for writing such a bad review... but it was not about that little hero I was writing but rather about the sculpture. I thought it was one of the legends, although I admit my favourite one. There were some less remarkable stories I read about the Manneken Pis too. I must confess, however, I went to see Maneken Pis on my own, as was discouraged by friends from seeing it. Other than that, I enjoyed my time in Brussels a lot.

Next time should follow your advice :)

Babeth Vanesyan-Fouss said...

Unzipped jan, thank you for putting things into perspective :D Brussels is a very fine city, and Belgians quiet friendly ... just look at me :D