Saturday, 27 June 2009

New blog – Gay Armenian Lounge Room

I’d like to introduce new slightly X-rated ;) gay Armenian blog – Gay Armenian Lounge Room . The author, writing under the name Dino, aims to provide with the collection of gay-themed or of gay interest video clips, music videos, ads, trailers. I am sure his collection will be of interest to many.

What is more interesting to me, however, are so called “micro-chat” posts, which are edited extracts based on personal communications via dating sites with gay Armenians (names changed) and others. Here is the first instalment.

Welcome to blogosphere!!


Dino said...

It's really a honor for me to be introduced by one of The Best Armenian Blogger. Thank you very much, hope everyone will enjoy my blog.

artmika said...

Thanks for compliments. You are more than welcome, Dino. Always happy to see more gay Armenians setting up their blogs. I look forward to your posts.