Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Cross-dressing Georgian pop star Anri Jokhadze lampoons 'Happy Nation' of Georgia

This is simply hilarious.

Via This is Tbilisi Calling:

“Is there a nation as happy as ours?”

Sometimes it takes a supreme pop satirist to sum up a twisted situation in a suitably surreal way. Now, the past two gruelling months of confrontation between opposition and government in Georgia have been encapsulated in a hilarious pop video by singer Anri Jokhadze.

Taking as its theme a phrase from nineteenth-century Georgian poet-hero Ilia Chavchavadze, the Happy Nation video lampoons President Mikheil Saakashvili, his opponents, and various other Georgian celebrities, as well as satirising well-known Georgian pop-propaganda videos.

Anyone who’s familiar with the drama that’s been playing itself out on the streets in Tbilisi in recent weeks should take time out to watch. The final frames – if you get the references – are truly tragic-comic.
There is more about Anri Jokhadze on Gay Caucasus (in Russian).


Ani said...

Life is a cabaret, my friend...or at least it should be sometimes. Otherwise, it's deadly dull and too depressing. What a breath of fresh air this is! Now it's your turn, Armenians!

Onnik Krikorian said...

Ani, agreed. Waiting impatiently... :-)

Alexander said...

Как я понял, тут говорят, что теперь ваша очередь? :)

artmika said...

You got it right, Alexander. (Ti pravilno ponyal.)

Guys, actually in Armenia we have quite a few cross dressing comedy sketches, mostly having based on everyday life situations, ordinary people; also (normally without cross dressing) impersonating and making a subtle fun of politicians, including presidents. However, they are not as brave and X rated as Anri Jokhadze clip :)