Saturday, 24 May 2008

My Eurovision 2008 favourites: Armenia, then Portugal and France

Only hours before Eurovision final begins, I thought I would share my favourites, apart from Armenia, of course.

Btw, although Sirusho's chances to win declined following the semi-final performance, she is still considered among top favourites both in betting agencies and Eurovision fan polls. According to the reports on final rehearsals from Belgrade, she looked fantastic on the stage, her performance improved, but vocally there was still "some room for improvements until the final". It remains to be seen if she will deliver the expectations. Any place lower than or equal to No. 8 would be considered as disappointment, as she is the best Armenian entry to date. If not winning (miracle?!), I wish her to be in top 5.

Unzipped and Unzipped: Gay Armenia wishes Sirusho Good Luck!!! I will be voting for you!

Apart from Armenia, here are my two other favourites, which I will vote for too. They are unconventional favourites. I do not care if they are not among bookies' or poll winners. I like them.

Amazing performance. I have not heard Vânia Fernandes before the second semi-final, and was pleasantly surprised, and voted for her, and was very happy that she is through to the final. If not Yerevan, I do not mind Lisbon 2009.

It's different; it has a very retro feeling; it's unlike any other entry in this year's Eurovision. Sébastien Tellier will perform "Divine" for France. "I come from a very underground world in France, so for me Eurovision is the complete opposite and therefore new opportunity to make my art of paradox. In the underground there are too many questions about my music, but in the popular music arena, there is just one question - "do I love it or not?" It's a very simple vote and I love it.[...] Since he's described Eurovision as 'vulgar', is Tellier not afraid of tarring himself with the same brush? 'It's a part of my work to denigrate the past,' he declares, 'because I don't like it; I prefer the future. Even if I had to be vulgar to change, I prefer that. I always say that to be a nobel in the future, you have to be a rebel now, so if you use vulgarity and kitsch, but make really good art, then may be I can transform them.'" (from the interview with Time Out London magazine)

I'd like to finish this post with a hilarious comment by Time Out London:

"...there is a whole new element to Eurovision this year. Following the recent revelations that, when he was not violently repressing political opposition, General Franco's masterplan involved him conducting an international espionage campaign to sabotage Cliff Richard's chances of winning the talent contest in 1968, who knows what other secretive conspiracies the 'Eurovision' may bring? Complimentary sushi trays for UK entrant Andy Abraham courtesy of Vladimir Putin? Robert Mugabe refusing to accept the results as definitive when his rendition of 'I'm Just A Killer For Your Love' is disallowed? Or will it just be a flamboyant celebration of how absolutely bonkers the people of our continent are (epitomised by Spanish entrant Rodolfo Chikilicuatre)? One thing is certain: with the UK being represented by an ex-binman 'X-factor' reject, the trophy won't be ours."


Anonymous said...

I don't reckon Sirusho will win, but who knows? It's Eurovision and how countries votes are often based on current politics as much or sometimes more than the music.

Still, while I hope she gets better than appalling Hayko did, I think a Top Ten placing would be respectable. However, I think she'll do better than that whether she sings well or not.

Anonymous said...

have a look at here, armenia gives points to azerbaijan.

artmika said...

Yeah, saw it. Good for Armenia.

Armenia in Eurovision 2008: No. 2 - semifinal, No. 4 - final. Pretty good results!