Monday, 12 May 2008

Armenia in the Mr Gay Europe 2008!

PInk Armenia logo This year for the first time Armenia intends to take part in the Mr. Gay Europe. PINK Armenia is the official representative who will organise Mr. Gay Armenia every year and the winner will participate in the European contest. Due to 'sensitivity', time constraints and organisational issues, this year Armenian representative will be chosen internally by PINK Armenia. However, from next year they promise organising more formal selection process, perhaps in a form of Mr Gay Armenia contest.

I am aware that there are already couple of contenders from whom to choose our representative in the Mr Gay Europe 2008. Others can still apply.

"Mr. Gay Europe celebrates the gay European man and pays tribute to the diversity as well as what we have in common as gay men in Europe."  Gay men all over Europe are invited to take part in this festivity in Budapest. This year's theme is "Unity – Solidarity -Diversity."

Here is the invitation:

Welcome to Mr. Gay Europe  July 2-6, 2008 in Budapest, "The Pearl of the Danube"!
The Mr. Gay Europe Organization hereby invites you to enter your Armenian Delegate in the Mr. Gay Europe Competition. We are happy to invite you to wonderful and exciting Budapest who has taken upon themselves hosting Mr. Gay Europe in 2008! This year's theme is to be Unity through Solidarity, focusing on the gay men's situation in the eastern part of Europe.

Read more about the rules and regulations and the Delegates at

However, at the moment PINK Armenia does not have funds to pay for travel expenses (flight + visa).  Mr. Gay Europe will cover all the expenses in Budapest only, except flight + visa. This will cost approximately 700 euro. Sponsor who will help in covering these costs will be able to display its advertisement link on Mr. Gay Europe's website for about one month and on PINK's page for about 2 months (if sponsor wants). PINK Armenia will provide sponsor with the receipts of all expenses paid. Please, if you are able to help, contact PINK Armenia, or alternatively you may  email me and I'll forward your message to them.

As I mentioned before, I do not normally pay much attention to Mr/Miss contests, straight or gay. However, participation in the Mr Gay Europe contest is much more. Last year, for the first time a representative from the South Caucasus participated in the Mr Gay Europe 2007 contest. It was a participant from Azerbaijan Sadikh Ragimov, 19, Baku. I mentioned back then that "He did not win any prize, but the only fact of participation is worth mentioning in this case. It is not Western Europe for you, it's South Caucasus country (predominantly Muslim) we are talking about, where homophobia is very high."

I really hope that Armenia will be able to participate in the Mr Gay Europe 2008 contest. It will feel very liberating for me, and I am sure for many others.


Anonymous said...

It is so sad for us but nobody wants to be a sponsor for such Gay event, so I have to announce that Armenia will not participate in Mr. Gar Europe this year.
Hope next year PINK will have some small fund for this event

Thank you dear Mika for your support

artmika said...

Sad to hear that, Mamikon...

Yeah, let's hope for better for next year. I wish PINK success in organisational development so that we'll have another properly functioning LGBT NGO with a proper funding to be able to support various LGBT related projects in Armenia.