Monday, 5 May 2008

I am "75% Congolese in Bed"

via tablaqueen, I found this amusing Are you British in bed? quiz test which allows you to find out “your sexual nationality by entering our passport control”.

I took the test and apparently I am “75% Congolese in bed” (I wonder what about that remaining 25%?), "wild and unpredictable" ;)!:

"You are wild & unpredictable!

Like the murky waters of the Congo, your lovemaking is wild and unpredictable, and always, always deep. You are very possessive of your territory in the bedroom and always put up a fight before being conquered."


But the most amusing is the question itself: "Are you British in bed?"


arteau said...

Great quiz!

I did it twice: first I was 61% Brazilian in bed and the second time - 85% Swedish.

I loved that lady, the immigration officer!

artmika said...

Yes, that lady is hilarious. How come you got 2 "sexual nationalities", did you experiment with answers? ;) Btw, Brazilian + Swedish is something ;)