Monday, 19 May 2008

HIV/AIDS Candlelight March in Yerevan

Armenia and me reports that Red Cross youth volunteers organised a candlelight march in Yerevan this Sunday in memory for the victims of AIDS and to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS related issues, as part of international day of actions:

"In Yerevan, more than 60 Red Cross youth volunteers marched through the citycenter with candles this sunday. By posters and talking with curious bystanders they managed to get a lot of attention on this important case. Several bystanders also tagged along and followed us to the square by Moscow cinema where we filled an HIV ribbon on the ground with candles."

Below are some photos from the event (source - Trygve.u )


Queers United said...

does the red cross in Armenia also ban gay blood?

artmika said...

I assume it may be the case. However, I am not entirely sure, will try to find out and write it in comments section here.

Anonymous said...

As I know they don't have any special activities with gays but I'm gonna check it and also collaborate with them, they are cool:)
I'm so sorry that I was not in Yerevan that day and nobody informed me about that huge event

artmika said...

Answering my question, Trygve Utstumo (Armenia and me blog), who is working with Armenian Red Cross now says the following re gay blood donation (I agree and assume that in Armenia it is like in most countries):

"About the blood donations: Armenia Red Cross is currently not involved in the blood transfusions in Armenia. As far as I’ve understood this is organized by a sub-body of the Ministry of Health. I honestly can’t answer his question, but I would assume that they do as in most other countries: not accepting blood donations from practising homosexuals. (Not saying that I agree with this practice.)"

artmika said...

Great news from Russia!

Russian Health Ministry Ends Ban on Blood Donations by Gays

Russian gay activists celebrate their first major victory two years after the start of the campaign

MOSCOW, May 23, 2008 ( – The Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development has repealed the ban on blood donations by homosexual people, it emerged last night.

This move by the Russian authorities is a victory for the activists from Russian LGBT Human Rights, Project, who have fought the restrictions for more than two years. More...

artmika said...

Due to its importance, I made also a separate post:

Russian Health Ministry Ends Ban on Blood Donations by Gays