Thursday, 17 May 2012

Underage "fascists" employed for psychological terror towards DIY bar in Yerevan

Underage "fascists" are being employed for psychological terror towards DIY bar, owners and friends.

In the immediate aftermath of arson attack on DIY bar, it became a frequent sight to see group of underage guys hanging out outside the DIY, making hateful remarks, spitting on people, and attacking the venue, its owners and friends.

In this video, made today, two teenagers confessed that they are "fascists", that it was them who burned anti-fascist posters in DIY on 15 May. [They, however, indicated that they had nothing to do with the main firebombing attack]

In an interview with ARF Dashnaktsutyun affiliated Yerkir Media TV station, these underage "fascists" mentioned that they started targeting DIY after the report by Yerkir Media on DIY owner Tsomak participation in Istanbul Gay Pride. Interestingly, Yerkir Media didn't air this interview tonight.

It is obvious - in the video too - that these guys are being used by others. However, it is deplorable to see that teenagers may so easily and proudly confess that they are "fascists", confess that they attack others.