Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Comment of the Day: ‘What if you will be the next target and nobody will stand up for you?’ (re neo-nazi attack on DIY bar)

"There are won’t be any marches in Yerevan. No candle lights, no straight folks walking hand in hand with gays or bi’s in the streets of Yerevan claiming the governments disapproval of such hate crime.

What are they waiting for ? Do they need some dead bodies ? A sensational crime scene decorated by bloodshed … what the hell the Armenian people are waiting for ? Go out ! Shout out, people ! Say “we don’t want bigotery in this country ! We had enough of it !

What ? This issue doesn’t concern you ? What if you will be the next target and nobody will come out to stand up for you ?

Think about it !"

*source: comment posted under Hate Crime Targets Gay Friendly Bar in Yerevan, MPs Bail out Assailants (The Armenian Weekly)

[For background: HATE CRIME: DIY bar in Armenia capital Yerevan under neo-nazi arson attack]

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