Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Guests of the Rights Awards ceremony at the US embassy in Armenia: Ups and Downs

For background - read Secretary Clinton honors Armenia rights advocates

Thumbs Up!

*picture - by PanArmenian photo (Varo Rafaelyan)

I am glad to see that along with the head of PINK Armenia, owner of DIY Tsomak was among the invited guests too. This was a nice gesture and show of support and solidarity from organisers. ["HATE CRIME: DIY bar in Armenia capital Yerevan under neo-nazi arson attack"]

Thumbs Down!

I have a big reservation, however, re one particular invited guest - environmentalist Karine Danielyan. She is a Soviet-style 'activist' and doesn't fit contemporary rights movement. She is included in Armenia Homophobia Hall of Shame for considering gays as 'threat to national security', and more recently spotted promoting her 'activism' by claiming cleaner environment contributes to reducing number of LGBT people (!). Bigots like her should not be welcome in any civilised gatherings, especially RIGHTS related.

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