Friday, 3 October 2008

UK Lesbian Map revealed

Leading British lesbian magazine Diva published for the first time ever the UK’s Lesbian Map:

The figures come from the most comprehensive study ever undertaken into the geographical locations of the UK’s 2.4 million lesbians and are published in the November issue of Diva – the monthly’s 150th issue – which went on sale today.

Research reveals Britain’s top 20 lesbian hotspots, by postcode. These are London, Glasgow, Redhill, Manchester, Birmingham, Northern Ireland, Gloucester, Cardiff, Newcastle, Chelmsford, Brighton, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Nottingham, Reading, Coventry, Liverpool, Leicester and Peterborough.

The near-even spread of lesbians across the UK was not what Diva predicted.

Lesbians appear to be almost everywhere and a lot more thinly spread than we might think: most UK postcodes house between 0.2% and 1% of the lesbians in this survey, and it’s only in cities that upwards of 2% of the survey’s lesbians are found.

“The academic literature suggests that the lesbian population is not as concentrated [in major centres] as the gay male population,” said Darren Smith, an expert in the geography of population, at Brighton University.
*photo of the map – via UKGayNews


Ani said...

It would be interesting to know the figures regarding the Isle of Man... ;)

artmika said...


Btw, if I were to nominate UK city, it would have been Brighton (included in top 20). Nowhere else I personally noticed such a prominent lesbian visibility.