Wednesday, 29 October 2008

How tall is Serj Sargsyan?

Allegedly, French president Nicolas Sarkozy has a little secret, which was “revealed” on Tuesday by the Italian newspaper La Stampa, as quoted on the front page of It turns out that Sarkozy has ordered the secret insoles for shoes, which allow him to look a 9 cm taller (Sarkozy is 165 cm tall). Photo – via
Apparently, Russia’s president Dmitry Medvedev is considered to be the shortest among current world leaders. He is 162 cm tall and was jokingly dubbed “nanopresident”. There is Russian saying though – “Мал, да удал”.

I wonder how tall is Armenia’s Serj Sargsyan? Based on this photo from, he seems around the same height or even shorter than Russia’s Medvedev. Not that I think there is anything wrong with being short, just curious really after reading this Italian/Russian report :)


Angela Harutyunyan said...

In the age of late capitalist culture industry, people measure each other by the "eye of a coffin maker. The truth comes out when they state the result, calling the person tall [long, in German], short, fat, heavy." - Theodor Adorno, "Dielectic of Enlightenment", p. 196
I hope it would be possible rather to measure the size and weight of Sarkissian's brain....

Ani said...

I knew he reminded me of someone ;))