Friday, 13 January 2012

Disgrace: Armenian LGBT group WFCE awards "woman of the year" to a homophobic head of local radio station

I intended first to write a post re neo-nazi Mek Azg and Public TV thing but priorities have changed. Instead, I should focus on disgrace of the moment when one LGBT group in Armenia - WFCE ('We For Civil Equality'), awarded "woman of the year" to a homophobe head of Radio Van. Just to make a 'anti-move' against 'rival' group & people. Yes, a disgrace.

I wonder who is next on their list? Perhaps, another comparable "intelligent" homophobe ('environmental expert') Karine Danielyan who in line with what Shushanik (head of radio Van) posted claims that gays are threat to a national security and recently came up with even more ridiculousness claiming that people became "abnormal", i.e. homosexuals, because of what they eat. And then, one by one WFCE could award all the "intelligent" homophobes first, and when their list gets exhausted there is always a neo-nazi Mek Azg to praise for. Just because your 'rivals' were against them. Childish and contra productive tactics, incompatible with the notion of "civil equality".

ILGA-Europe that is vocal in protesting homophobia and their supporters in Armenia and elsewhere should investigate such a shameful behaviour of their member organisation. Sponsors of this Armenian group should take a note.

I know, there are some good passionate people working in WFCE but as an organisation they've lost all the credibility and respect they may have had.


Boston boy said...

Hmmmm...gays become that way because of what they eat? She has a point there, Mika.

Should we tell the secret?

If a straight boy eats dolma, and then follows it up with a pomegranate AND some watermelon (in that order), he will turn gay.

[I'm not sure what foods turn girls into lesbians, I suspect it's a different combination of foods for girls than it is for boys.]

Now imagine what happens if an innocent straight boy unsuspectingly eats dolma, pomegranate, and watermelon....while listening to a Tchaikovsky symphony.

artmika said...

Ha! I can't believe you disclosed our sacred secret!! Now all is left to me is to continue... with yet another recipe :))... including, yes, yes... banana and a fig, via Transgenders in Armenia: "How to become homosexual?" (AM):

վերցնում եք մի հատ բանան ու մի հատ թուզ, ամեն առավոտ մի լավ հարում հյութաքամիչով, և խմում սոված փորին: [...]