Monday, 23 August 2010

Re: ‘Open Letter’ by Radio Van

Background info:

‘Champion of equality’ British Council Armenia sponsors homophobic radio station in Yerevan

Open letter by Radio Van

I did not know that criticising Radio Van and exposing its homophobia is equivalent to ‘damaging Armenia’s international reputation’. Familiar language they use, and that says it all.

Unzipped: Gay Armenia will always challenge homophobic organisations or individuals, regardless of their political or whatever affiliation, or those who support them. I will always reflect whatever I find positive and praise-worthy in Armenia. I will always expose, challenge and criticise human rights violations or societal injustices in Armenia. The way I see and feel it. This is my way of loving Armenia, and I do not need your or anyone else’s ‘lectures on patriotism’.

Head of radio station cites her views on gay adoption and marriage as reasons for the outrage against the radio station. No, Ms. Arevshatyan, your anti- gay adoption or marriage views were so mild compared to everything else you’ve said that I never paid attention or mentioned them on my blog.

“Sterilization and isolation” (“Стерилизовать и в резервацию!”) - this reflects your real views about LGBT people.

I do believe that people can change. I believe in power of education. However, engagement is a right option with those whose intentions are genuine.

‘Open Letter’ by Radio Van, with its somewhat aggressive tone and ending, proves that the radio station did not change and did not recognise its mistakes (to put it mildly), and all these mentions of “engagement” or “dialogue” are disingenuous. You must come clean first and open up new page for the Radio Van, page free of hatred.

Until then, any support or sponsorship for the radio station by organisations such as British Council, BMI etc I will consider against fundamental human rights and for promoting homophobia in Armenia.


Dave Chapman said...

Mika - I think you are wonderful. I hope somehow the management of Radio Van get the message.

Arman said...

Until you are regecting cooperation with radio van, I think all that you do is for getting visas to leave Armenia. Here is constructive suggestion if you know how to solve all the problems connected with homosexuals you can come to radio and show your way to solve the problem. If not it is your problem:-)

Onnik Krikorian said...

Well, what to say? The response suggesting it's 'about visas' again shows how out of touch, aggressive and disingenuous Radio Van is.

Unbelievable, but at least it does reveal or rather confirm the criticisms against the station. Anyway, Dave, it answers your question.

Yes, Radio Van did get the message. They just don't understand it. :)

Anonymous said...

Mika jan, is there an English translation of the Open Letter from Radio Van? I couldn't find it on their blog...

artmika said...

No, it's in Russian only.

Arman said...

Onik you don't see anything more than your nose. I SAY COME AND SHOW THE BEST WAY!!!! Do you have 1548768 mass media in Armenia who suggested you that????? NO, so get your opportunity. If not, you are just mood spoilers. Because you don't know anything about the problem, but want to show something, something that doesn't exist. So go on with your useless comments on blogs.
To write bla bla bla doesn't mean to do something. But it is better to bla bla bla for you than to do really something useful for homosexuals or problems connected with them.

artmika said...

FYI, Arman: Onnik regularly links to and reflects Armenia and South Caucasus LGBT related news, issues and blog posts via his own site or Global Vices Online thus ensuring these issues have wider exposure and audience. And he is doing it in a way Armenian media, in its overwhelming majority, fails to deliver.

MMK said...

New wave of violence from radio Van?:)))

FYI Arman!!!

If you think we need visas to leave Armenia, which is sooo funny for me, let me say.

I have multi entry visa wherever I want
Mika and Onnik are UK citizens
Lara is a citizen of Canada
Tim Straight is a US and Norwegian citizen

You guys are so funny:))))

wish me luck, I am flying to Prague after 2 days but will be back, sorry

PINK Armenia said...

by the way, PINK is giving possibility to young people (gay, lesbian or straight, doesn't matter) to go to Europe and participate in different trainings or volunteering till one year, and imagine nobody stays in Europe, they all come back, so nobody needs visa to fly away from Armenia!

MMK said...

oops sorry, I forgot Grigor, the golden treasure of Armenia. All the biggest and serious organizations are just begging him to work for them. You think he needs a visa? His life is in the airplanes, believe me, or ask British Council, they know him, they can confirm

Onnik Krikorian said...

I'd also like to say something about Mika and his blog too. Despite disagreeing with him on his position on some issues, he has always tackled those matters objectively, intelligently and tolerantly even though many others wouldn't (and, in fact, don't).

And I say this not just as a British citizen, as well as a heterosexual, but also as someone who has been reading it for many years and considers it one of the most trustworthy sources of news and information there is to be found online.

Arman said...

if you don't need any mass media except your "the most justiful" blogs. So what the hell are you talking about radio VAN at all?
You are the best guys everobody respect you, so what is the problem ?
What is the purpose to show somebody in a bad way in front of Embassies or I don't know whom? May be you are paid by somebody. What is the sense to spoil somebodies name? You have rights as homosexuals, and we have right to express ourselves. Our fault is that we are not homosexuals or what?

artmika said...

Homophobe and into gay porn? Lucky you. You will be rewarded by British Council Armenia