Saturday, 28 August 2010

No Gay Pride, but a parade of religious fanatics in Batumi, Georgia

So all that hysteria about imaginary Gay Pride festival in Batumi (or Tbilisi) was a PR action for religious fanatics and bigots from politics to stage their very own parade in Batumi. Watch the video below. For a moment, you may forget that it’s contemporary going-towards-Europe Georgia, more like a footage from the Middle Ages.

*via Gay Batumi

"Gay or not so much, Today there still was a pride in Batumi – only it had an extremely religious character. A crowd of religious extremists gathered in front of the “Sheraton” Batumi hotel (the image of the western liberty, a scapegoat for all the evil gays guys who didn’t show up) to let the steam out. There were people scared by the big blue Bigfoot and they kept citing “Oh Father” and praying for the gay pride to never happen in Batumi.

Places around the “Sheraton Batumi” were filled with masses blinded by “sightless leaders” and driven by the hysteria; and the were tears of joy -the relief! Sighs of hope that they’ve proudly demonstrated their power and unity and showed us that there is no place for gay men within the cave communities. The sense of democracy, freedom and liberty is still so below the horizon of the black sea."


Rhiannon said...

What it reminded me of was this... classic terry gilliam film! I couldn't find a clip just of that part, but if you go to 4:07 the bit I was thinking of starts...;)

artmika said...

So true, Rhiannon. Classic! :)