Tuesday, 24 August 2010

“I am at ‘yerjanik’ (երջանիկ) bar”

That's what a guy from Manchester (gay Armenian) said answering a phone call from our mutual friend: “We are at ‘yerjanik’ (երջանիկ) bar”.

I smiled and asked him if he had any happy memories with the place [‘yerjanik’ (երջանիկ) could be translated as “happy”, “joyful” etc]. He smiled back and said that by saying ‘yerjanik (երջանիկ) bar’ he was referring to a ‘gay bar’ as one of literal Armenian translations of the word “gay” :)))

I thought it's cute. It's like a coded - and very positive, uplifting - way for some Armenians to refer to gay venues.

Եղեք երջանիկ :)


Mel said...

thanks for bringing us breaking news about our lives. :) i love that word!

artmika said...

Thanks for following my blog, Mel. Nice word, isn't it? I wish you երջանկություն :)