Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Must see: Zara - “Karmir Khndzor” (‘Red Apple’)

I saw the preview of this clip by Zara “Karmir Khndzor” (‘Red Apple’) while in Yerevan. Now it’s released. Love it. Well done, Zara. 

And what an influence the action by Women’s Resource Centre and activists is having. Pay attention to the ending of this clip - ‘burial of Red Apple’. And now read the story of 8 March 2009 in Yerevan:  International Women’s Day in Armenia: small. It may have been small, but its impact and influence are evident. (more about this tradition and meaning of the ‘funeral’ – here)


evolutsia.net said...

Great!!! Thanks for sharing it!
Armenia/Caucasus needs people like Zara who stand up against ridiculous unequal traditions.

And thanks for your blog in general! You write interesting articles and I am happy to see people are fighting against the unequal treatment of people because of gender/sexual preference - in the Caucasus.


artmika said...

Thanks, Inge.