Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sex diaries

Well, not mine ;) It’s Time Out London’s cover story this week. They introduce few London based bloggers who write about their sex life.

You will meet:
  • The single girl who was forced to go public and prefers hairy-chested men with “some meat on him”
  • The fashion girl who blogs on her sex disasters
  • The anonymous sexed-up city worker (“Gay Banker”)
  • The kinki American on the loose in London and
  • The bondage-loving guy who likes to try anything (likes sex with 'trysexuals')
The only Armenian blogger I am aware of who to some (very limited) extent writes about his sex life is the author of Gay Armenian Lounge Room. He does it by posting explicit microchats based on online communications.


vagusnervus said...

mika! what does "akt" mean? i read chat between that armoguy and another guy and he was asking if he was "akt" and with manners.

limerent said...

and also what is "unipassiv"?

artmika said...

WOW. You understood everything else except of these two words?! I am impressed with your knowledge of conversational Armenian :)

Here we go. New words for your dictionary :)

These words are short versions and in gay jargon refer to preferred sexual position/role:

"akt" = "active" = "top"

"pass" = "passive" = "bottom"

"uni" = "universal" = "versatile" (someone who likes both above). When it says "unipassive" (or "versatile bottom"), it means this person generally likes both positions/roles but enjoys being "pass" more.

vagusnervus said...

thanks for extensive explanation, Mika! u enriched my vocabulary.i think being "uni" is better. i love versatility!

btw, r u uni? dont answer if u dont want.

artmika said...

No comment ;)

vagusnervus said...

offtopic now,

the thing which proves that homosexuality is not a perversion, but rather a choice and more importantly an urge of nature is here too.

animals can go homosexuals, or rather homoanisexuals. and their being pervert is excluded.

btw, just hit me - homosexual actually means - sexy man :)

MMK said...

What a lovely conversation:)

artmika said...

Trying our best, sexy man, i.e. homosexual ;)))