Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Armenian church against gay marriage... in Argentina

Apparently, Armenian church representative in Argentina has nothing more to do than to actively protest the possible final approval of same-sex marriage bill by country’s Senate. Spanish-language online outlets report that the Archbishop of the Armenian church in Argentina Kissag Mouradian joined the anti-gay marriage voices by some other religious leaders at parliamentary committee hearings on same-sex marriage bill.

Earlier this year Argentine congress voted to legalise gay marriage. The bill then moved to the Senate where its “prospects are unclear”.

Kissag Mouradian called marriage between two men or two women “unthinkable”, “flatly rejected the idea of same-sex marriage”. (translations from Spanish by Google Translate)

The relatively ‘good news’ - if I may say so - is that reportedly he was not the harshest critique of the bill.

The only religious leader who supported the bill was Rabbi Daniel Goldman who argued that Judaism “is a search for the family, so family models, over time, may be modifying”. (Google Translate)

Here are few links to Spanish language sources carrying the news: 1, 2, 3, 4.

*picture - via The Armenian Church


MMK said...

Kissag, take some rest. This is a bad still of your church's PR management

MMK said...

I meant style:)

artmika said...

Here we are: Argentina says Yes! to gay marriage