Wednesday, 4 March 2009

“There are no gays in Armenia” (from Armenian news agency to Azeri author)

Remember that infamous statement of ‘no gays in Iran’ by Iranian president Ahmadinejad which made him a laughing stock worldwide. Very different level here, but truly THE Quote of The Day. (Quote of The Year, or even century(ies)?..)

Here we go:

“It’s impossible, there are no gays in Armenia.”

И вот мне из [ереванского агентства новостей] Panarmenian коллеги написали: "Это невозможно, в Армении геев нет".

From Armenian news agency to Azeri writer Alekper Aliyev, the author of Artush and Zaur (gay love story between Armenian and Azerbaijani)

*source: Interview with the author by BBC's Mark Grigoryan (in Russian)

Mark Grigoryan’s blog)

I wonder who were the authors of this nonsense from


Anonymous said...

how retarded!


Anonymous said...

I guess this means you'll be closing down your blog, then.


artmika said...

This blog is written by a ghost, and for ghosts :)

Scary... "Satanic"! (copyright - Moscow mayor Luzhkov)

Anonymous said...

Or maybe there are no gays left in Armenia because they all left because of the incredibly gay- friendly atmosphere in the country....