Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gay man was stabbed to death in Azerbaijan in an alleged hate crime

Online news outlets in Azerbaijan report on an alleged hate crime "on the grounds of sexual orientation". Reports of 14 December 2010 state that Namik Eyvazov, 52 yrs old resident of Jalilabad region in Azerbaijan, was murdered in his own apartment 3 days ago. Police was alerted by neighbours who became suspicious after noticing that the front door to Eyvazov's apartment was left open. He was a local tailor, lived alone, and he was gay.

When I first read of the incident, I wondered how they knew that Eyvazov was gay. I thought it was perhaps due to 'local knowledge'. But according to one Azeri media, his "non-traditional sexual orientation" was "reported" by pathologists who examined the body.

Multiple "stabbing-cutting injuries" ("seven") were found on his body (he was stabbed in the chest and abdomen).

As per police, this murder was most likely committed "on the grounds of sexual orientation", because Eyvazov was not involved in any suspicious activities. As of today, no one has been detained. The case is being considered under the "premeditated murder" article of the criminal code.

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