Thursday, 1 October 2009

Yerevan diaries: Cocktails

 Still, New York is THE place to try quality cocktails. Even in London you may have hard time spotting decent cocktail venues.
In Yerevan, it's even worse. I would suggest trying pure drinks. Some people would disagree with me, but over the last few years, I failed to find any venue in Yerevan which provides with quality cocktails. The last example was at a "7 Kadr" new cafe-bar behind the cinema Moscow in downtown Yerevan. Nice design. Slow service. Decent food. Not too expensive. As to the cocktails... I started with the classical ones – Apple Martini and Cosmopolitan. They were anything but... I quit, and ordered mineral water instead.


Hrag said...

That's right baby...New York is the king of cocktails! :)

John said...

You're really quite right. I've tried ordering a number of cocktails and bars can rarely get them right. I ordered a martini once and got this overly-vermouthed nastiness--I sent it back and told them how I wanted it and they still came out with something mediocre.

The one good place I've found for reasonable tasting cocktails is the bar formerly known as Cheers located on Nalbandian Street right before Sakharov Square. Great downstairs bar with good music and cheap and decent drinks.