Saturday, 30 May 2009

Kim Kardashian in support of gay rights and equality: "Shame on You, California!"

Our very own "Armenian Princess" (that's how she describes herself on her Twitter page) Kim Kardashian posted the following entry on her blog (26 May 09):

"Today the California Supreme Court decided to uphold Prop 8, outlawing gay marriage in California. This really makes me sad. I thought we were more forward thinking than this, and I'm disappointed in the Supreme Court for being so closed minded. Everyone.. gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, EVERYONE should have equal rights to marry who they want to. I have many gay friends and all I want is for them to be happy, yet this is just another obstacle in their way. Now they must continue fighting to be granted a basic civil right that many people take for granted. Shame on you, California! We must all continue to fight the h8!"

Well said, Kim. Respects!

She accompanied her blog entry with this poster:

*photo of Kim Kardashian - via her Twitter page

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