Thursday, 14 May 2009

Armenia’s Inga and Anush in Eurovison final (!!) - No. 9

A few friendly remarks

My congrats to Inga and Anush for passing through to the final of Eurovision. They are very talented, they stand out of the mainstream with their ethno-inspired performances and ethno-modern look. They look weird in a nice way, and I love it.

Now briefly my impressions of their performance during the semi-final.

Vocally they were among the best in the first semi-final. I also liked their look and dresses, different, with Caucasian motives and a modern touch.

However, I am disappointed with the choreography and the stage show, in general. It just did not fit the song well, and (along with the song itself) did not allow Inga and Anush to realise fully their potential. There was no sufficient energy, there was no flame there (and I do not mean pyrotechnics here). There were some awkward dance moves by sisters, and not so satisfying dance show by the dancers. Also, it was not the most relaxed performance I’ve seen (they were nervous, I could feel it).

“Everybody move your body” – this is a central line of their song Jan Jan (‘Nor Par’). So come on, sisters, you should have moved your body more. Just do it. Still, compared to many other performances of the day, they stood out by their vocal abilities and weirdness (in a good way). But it would be much tougher for them in the final.

My other favourites were Sweden and Bosnia. Finland and Switzerland were OK too. Turkey’s Hadise was OK as well, but not as good as I expected.

Without doubts, the main highlight of the semi-final for me was t.A.T.u. performance in front of Red Army Choir.

Good luck to Inga and Anush for the final on 16 May. Go No. 9!


artmika said...

I made these comments via tweets before the results of 2nd Eurovision semi-final were known:

My favourites from 2nd semi: Moldova, Norway, Lithuania, Ukraine. Greece was OKish too. Estonia - not bad. 1st semi was better. my favourites in final!!)

Aysel from Azerbaijan is beautiful but not impressed with their performance or song. So-so. But they will do well.
(and they did well and passed through to the final)

Fergus Ryan said...

I absolutely LOVE the Armenian song - it deserves to do really well. Great blog, by the way.

artmika said...

Thanks :)

artmika said...

Inga and Anush: Armenia in Eurovision finale – faves, performance, make up, Jonathan Ross...