Sunday, 17 May 2009

Inga and Anush: Armenia in Eurovision finale – faves, performance, make up, Jonathan Ross...

My favourites were France, Sweden, Moldova and Estonia. I am pretty OK with Norway's win, which was predictable.

To be honest, for me Iceland's entry was unremarkable and a bit boring. I think the most overrated entries this year were Iceland and Azerbaijan.

Interestingly, an acquaintance of mine, a UK music industry expert, who was always extremely critical re Armenia Eurovision entries in past, SMS-ed me saying she was impressed with Inga & Anush...

Anyway, ending in top ten was not that bad considering the choice of music, although potentially, with such a talent, they could have done so much better...
Jonathan Ross loves Armenia entry

#eurovision Armenia were my faves, but I hope Jade wins !

#eurovision I am going to move to Armenia.

#eurovision Love Armenia already. I'll have 2 falafel and extra hoummus to go.
Different sexy

Either you hate it or love it. There was no middle ground in online discussions re Inga and Anush look and make up. I am among those who think they deserve compliment re their look. Yes, I do think they looked different and sexy.

Here is an opinion expressed on Twitter which I loved:

If all the women in Armenia are a sexy as the one on #eurovision then I am emigrating there tomorrow. ;o)
Inga and Anush toned down their make up

According to this tweet which refers to Armenian conservatism, after criticism in Armenia of their extensive make up following the 1st semi-final, Inga and Anush toned it down a bit.

they changed the make-up a little bit =) armyanskiy konservatizm@ spanec :) #eurovision

There was a different kind of ‘contest’ going on between Armenia and Azerbaijan during the Eurovision song contest. A propaganda and pretty childish ‘war’ which was apparent only to those 2 countries and may have some consequences. For details:

Ethnic rivalry wins over kitsch in the Caucasus

Karabakh conflict a.k.a. Eurovision contest

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