Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Report: Young gay male recruit in the Armenian army ran away and in hiding after the officers "wanted to rape him"

PINK Armenia just posted this brief news that young male recruit in the Armenian army ran away and in hiding now following a rape threat by the officers who "wanted to rape him" after they found out that he is gay.

Below is the info as it appeared on PINK Armenia blog:

"We were informed by email that a young guy ran away from the army on March 17th, because officers understood that he is gay and they wanted to rape him. The situation is out of control, he is hidden somewhere now and waiting that in the morning police will make a search.

We are trying to clarify and in case to protect him, this is all that we can say now."

If confirmed, this is truly a horrific case, and reportedly not infrequent in the Armenian army.

During the recent meeting with the New York based Armenian gay rights group - AGLA NY, Lala Aslikyan of Huys NGO presented a documented case of male rape in the Armenian army.


PINK Armenia said...

March 19

As we were informed, the guy was taken to military police, lawers and human rights office are taking care. There was a problem with his relative who couldn't understand who is helping the guy, who is trying to rape, they offended wrong people.
They will change his place and he will contitue his military service in a different place. Yes he will continue as he announced that he is not homosexual.
The truth of this story is still in the darkness, who is who and what was going on, the officer(s) will be punished or not?

artmika said...

Many thanks for update. I can imagine why he would deny that he is gay under such circumstances. I have a suspicion that this whole story will end up in cover up, and sadly, those officers will remain unpunished. No surprises here, although I wish I could be proved wrong. The most important, of course, that for this guy to be safe.