Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pincet - all-female punk rock band in Armenia

Pincet is an all-female electropunk rock band based in Armenia. They recently opened a MySpace page for the band and have posted since a few good songs there. Love it.

Band members are Tsomak (guitar, lead vocals), Astghik Melkonyan (drums) and Jenya (keyboard). Tsomak is an artist, women rights activist, and known from a former punk rock band Incest which was an "original all-female Armenian punk rock band" formed in 2000 and active till 2004.

Below is a photo (source) of Pincet rock band at Avantgarde Folk Club in Yerevan, performing for the World AIDS Day 2008 in Armenia.


Zachary said...

This is wonderful! I am sorry I am a year late in discovering them, but I am very glad I did. Are they still playing anywhere? Do you know, what does "Pincet" mean?

artmika said...

Glad you liked them. They are around and regularly perform in Yerevan. "pincet" means "tweezers" :)

Anonymous said...

very nice. Probs. are you still active? i would visit a concert.
more female Punk, oi. i want to know more about armeniean punk rock.

artmika said...

They are active with more or less regular gigs/performances at selected Yerevan venues.