Tuesday, 17 March 2009

John Dolmayan purchases 1st Superman comic book for $317 200

Here is what John Dolmayan of SOAD and Scars on Broadway is up to nowadays.

Via LA Times (AP): John Dolmayan, drummer of the rock band System of a Down and a dealer of rare comics, purchases a copy of 'the Holy Grail of comic books' for a client.
New York -- A rare copy of the first comic book featuring Superman has sold for $317,200 in an Internet auction. The previous owner had bought it secondhand for less than a buck.

It is one of the highest prices ever paid for a comic book, probably a testament to the volume's rarity and excellent condition [...]

The previous owner had purchased it in a secondhand store in the early 1950s when he was 9 years old.

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Jay said...

Some people are just willing to spend this much on these kinds of passion. Why does antiques sell so much? I definitely won't understand this since I ain't to "old stuffs" lover.