Friday, 20 March 2009

Inga & Anush photo session in Moscow (Armenia in Eurovision 09)

*via Inga & Anush official blog


artmika said...

Interesting: The Fresh Art studio (Moscow) which will work on Inga & Anush stage image and performance design comprised of 2 Armenians (Alexander Siradeghyan and David Gevorkov, born in Tbilisi) and an Azerbaijani (Aslan Akhmadov, born in Baku). Truly, a South Caucasus experience! I looked at some of their works, they seem to me very talented.

I do hope that they will help Inga & Anush to stage a great show with outrageously good, distinct and fresh designs and performance, which will be memorable, and help to compensate song's qualities per se.

Here is a link to Fresh Art -

I have to admit that over the last couple of days, their song grew on me a bit. My hope is their constumes and stage show could make a real difference.

Esctoday provided additional details :

"The famous Russian trio Fresh Art will be working on the sisters' image and stage performance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. During their trip to Moscow, the sisters had a photosession for 2009 working with Fresh Art.

Fresh Art: Alexandre Siradeghiyan (Armenia), Aslan Ahmadov (Azerbaijan), David Gevorgyan(Armenia) is a famous fashion trio in Russia. The boys work with famous Russian singers and models including the former Eurovision participants Philipe Kirkorov, Alsou, Angelika Agurbash and Natalia Podolskaya. Fresh Art is known for its extraordinary, naughty, scandalous and always fresh sense of style. Recently the boys had successful fashion shows, among them The Sin, Earth Wind Fire and W.W.W.

Armtv confirmed that the sisters' image and stage performance design will be made by Fresh Art. Inga and Anush visited Moscow and during the visit they had a photosession made by Fresh Art."

artmika said...

Spotted: David Gevorkov of Fresh Art at a gay party in Moscow