Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Gay Caucasus - Гей Кавказ (new blog)

Few days ago, after I wrote about surge in numbers of gay Georgian blogs, the author of the mentioned blog - Tbilisi Gay Life, Alexander left comments there and suggested opening a blog to unite LGBT bloggers from the Caucasus region, to share news and keep in touch.

I thought of this idea before, but never managed to have time to realise it. Thanks to Alexander, the blog is now live, and there are already 2 entries there: a greeting – introduction; and a review of gay Georgian websites/forums/blogs.

The blog is in Russian, so that more local people would understand it.

So far, 2 gay Georgian bloggers, and PINK Armenia signed up as the co-authors of the blog.

If you are LGBT blogger from the South Caucasus, or a broader Caucasus region, and you know Russian and able to post in that language, you are welcome to join. Please, contact Alexander at Gay Caucasus blog.

The only reason that I personally did not join the Gay Caucasus blog is that, as of now, for technical reasons only, it would be difficult for me to post entries in Russian. However, I will keep an eye on it, and will share important developments and news, if any, here.

I welcome this initiative and wholeheartedly support it and wish it to be a success. Let’s see…


Alexander said...

Огромное спасибо за этот пост :) Надеюсь, что все-таки кроме меня и другие ребята будут оставлять свои посты, а также комментарии к различным темам. По возможности я пытаюсь писать о том, что касается Грузии, и в то же время, с указкой на соответствующие источники написал пару постов на счет Азербайджана. Сам я к сожалению информацией не владею, впрочем как и на счет Армении, хотя армянские ребята пока тоже пассивны.... Жду, жду ваши посты и комментарии от вас :) Не пропадайте!
Спасибо еще раз за пост!

aindreas said...

Best of luck, It's great to see items of local interest in Armenia.