Monday 27 December 2021

Creative gender neutral toilet - Barev Arev restaurant, Yerevan

This toilet instantly caught my attention. Gender neutral. Creative design. And a note, with Gyumri dialect and humour: «Ինչ գուզես էղի` ձերքերդ լվա» [‘Be whoever you want to be, but wash your hands’].

If you want to experience it, you have to visit recently opened Barev Arev restaurant in capital Yerevan [link to their FB page]. In fact, you may wish to visit Barev Arev for more than one reason. 

Cosy, intimate feel, with illustrations of our legendary epic hero Sasuntsi Davit (David of Sasun) whose image by Yervand Kochar was part of homoerotic fantasies of many queer Armenians (myself including).
Another reason is the chef who carefully designed the menu using local produce only. And he will provide you with an individual attention, explaining the choices on the menu (albeit limited for now but with a promise to expand) and helping to select from a wide variety of Armenian wines. 

I recommend.

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