Tuesday 10 April 2018

Armenia LGBT activists mark anniversary of anti-gay pogrom in Chechnya

LGBT activists in Yerevan marked the anniversary of anti-gay pogrom in Chechnya with a candlelight vigil on 6 April. Pretty emblematic that this commemoration took place at the “United Cross” statue symbolising the Armenian-Russian friendship.

It was quite a sight seeing the statue surrounded with the rainbow flags and posters reflecting the anti-gay pogrom.

In April 2017, Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta first reported on state level detentions, arrests, torture and killing of gay people in Chechnya. As per reports, more than 100 gay men were arrested, number of them were killed or remain missing.

“One year after Chechen authorities violently carried out an anti-gay purge in an attempt to “cleanse” Chechnya of gay men, no criminal cases have been opened into the mass detentions and torture by law enforcement. No high-level Russian officials have publicly acknowledged or condemned the violence in the republic, which is part of the Russian Federation.” - Human Rights Watch

*Pictures via PINK Armenia / @mnvartik / @pinkarmenia 

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