Sunday, 11 October 2015

Tangerine: transgender revenge story, intertwined with Armenian storyline

Tangerine was premiered this week in London as part of the London Film Festival.

Transgender revenge story, raw, realistic, filled with elements of comedy and drama, with Almodovar-like touch, and played by transgender people.

Intertwined with that was a story of a typical Armenian family in LA who moved there from Armenia capital Yerevan. Any Armenian will be able to identify at least partly with that family, whether in reference to their own family, relatives or friends.

Highly recommended. And very relevant to the National Coming Out Day.

And to note that this film was shot using an iPhone !! You would never realise that unless you read about it. Great achievement by director and the whole cast and crew.

Following Q&A, I received a poster of the film and asked director Sean Baker and one of the lead actresses Mya Taylor to sign it for me.

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