Monday 19 May 2014

"The Invisibles" make rainbow visible in Tbilisi with more LGBT rights flash mobs in Georgia capital

As I posted yesterday, after last year's violence instigated by Georgian orthodox church and amid renewed hysteria, LGBT people in Tbilisi, Georgia kept low profile on 17th May IDAHOT. But only on surface.

Several creative protest actions were conducted over the last couple of days "on behalf of the Invisible & against Invisibility". For "shoe protest" - read Tbilisi: IDAHOT hijacked by Georgian orthodox church amid "shoe protest" action "on behalf of the Invisible & against Invisibility".

This morning Tbilisi woke up to a very visible rainbow sign in the heart of Georgia capital.
@GeorgeGogua: #Protest of the invisibles. Group of #activists paint #LGBT flag on stairs in #Tbilisi #Georgia #IDAHOT #humanrights

"Following an anti-LGBT demonstration on 17 May 2014 by the Georgian Orthodox Church to prevent observation of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), gay rights activists continue to hold anti-homopbia flash mobs in Tbilisi, Georgia. The latest, held in the early hours this morning, the painting of the rainbow flag on the steps by the Freedom Square metro station" © Onnik Krikorian Photography.

Below is another beautiful picture via Democracy & Freedom Watch:

DF Watch also reports on another protest action by "the Invisibles":
Another rally named ‘I am Here against Homophobia’ was a protest expressed in notes attached to different places in the capital. Different messages were printed on pieces of paper with a rainbow symbol in the corner. “I cannot find a reason to justify your hatred”, “89 percent of Georgia’s LGBT community have been victims of psychological pressure at least once for the last two years,” – these and other messages were written on the notes. (Watch the photos on Facebook here.)

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artmika said...

And here we are: LGBT Rainbow Stairs Destroyed in Tbilisi

So what will happen if rainbow signs appear all over the city? Municipality will turn the city into a ruin?

While there are different comments re reasons behind this construction work, I am sure these stairs were considered as a 'priority' because of rainbow painting.