Wednesday 2 April 2014

From homophobia to posting ‘Hitler’ picture: Armenia Eurovision representative Aram MP3 fails the ‘funny’ test

UPDATE 5 April 2014Armenia Eurovision representative Aram MP3: “I reject homophobia”
As of now, he didn’t have guts or perhaps didn’t feel like saying “sorry” for his homophobic and transphobic remarks, and for his disrespect towards fellow Eurovision contestant.

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Conchita Wurst responds to Armenia’s Eurovision representative Aram MP3 homophobic and transphobic remarks]

Some of his fans tried justifying his behaviour by "freedom of speech" and him being a comedian, as if being a comedian somehow justifies bigotry.

Yesterday Aram MP3 put his ‘funny’ side to yet another test and failed it spectacularly.

Aram wrote on his Facebook page that he would have preferred playing “a negative role” if offered to star in a film. And he posted a picture of himself posing as Hitler. Perhaps, he thought that his fans would be amused and entertained by such picture. However, he quickly deleted the picture, following storm of criticism from Facebook users who ‘liked’ his FB page.

*screenshot of Aram MP3 (now deleted) Facebook post

Many expressed their outrage and shock that after scandal over his homophobic, transphobic remarks, Aram would resort to such bad taste amateur behaviour, further antagonising a proportion of his fans.

As one FB user commented under this picture: how would Aram MP3 feel if another Eurovision contestant posted a ‘funny’ picture of his/her-self posing as Talaat pasha, one of the main perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide?

Yes, Aram MP3 quickly deleted this picture. But it left a sense of unease even among his loyal fans.

Seriously, Aram, after being exposed for making homophobic and transphobic remarks, this is all you came up with?

This was a classic face-palm moment when words fail to express how stupid that was.


Anonymous said...

now for sure you are acting as person interested in character assassination. Are you trying to say that Aram is nazi or something? Come on

artmika said...

WOW - “character assassination”… Of course, I am not trying to say that he is Nazi, but he and his PR team are extremely stupid. I am genuinely surprised.

Anonymous said...

obvious his pr team is stupid...he has no pr team... we both know pr dont exist in armenia but when you put something like this people are going to think hes trying to be a nazi. from my impression i understood you trying to say hes racist and homophobe... other people won't look at armenia having bad pr, they will see another armenian like you posting a photo of him dressed as so and will automatically see hes nazi

artmika said...

One essential step he should have done, but failed to do so as of now, is to issue statement apologising for and retracting previous homophobic and transphobic remarks. As long as he fails to do so, I would consider him homophobic.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of being Armenian at this moment.
I do want to apologize on behalf of sane and normal thinking Armenians for whatever pain and insult this pathetic excuse of a man caused ...