Thursday 27 March 2014

Conchita Wurst responds to Armenia’s Eurovision representative Aram MP3 homophobic and transphobic remarks

UPDATE 5 April 2014Armenia Eurovision representative Aram MP3: “I reject homophobia”
Austria’s Conchita Wurst responded to Armenia’s Eurovision representative Aram MP3 homophobic and transphobic remarks. [see Fail: Armenia representative in Eurovision Aram MP3 makes homophobic and transphobic remarks]

Says Conchita (Heute): “Oh, that means he won't marry me? To be honest, I did not take seriously what he said about me. One thing is clear, Aram thinks that I apparently want to be a woman… Aram, sweetheart, I'm a working lady, and a lazy young man in my free time and it can't be the other way. If you have problems with understanding that, I'll gladly sit and explain it to you. Oh, and concerning your homophobic remarks… seriously, ON THAT we're actually going to have a talk!” 

Awesome response.

Meanwhile, silence so far from Aram MP3. No “sorry for unintended offence caused” or “misunderstanding” statements.


Unknown said...

Aram has said sorry to Conchita and has pointed put it's a misunderstanding. So let's move on and focus on music! :)

artmika said...

Bearded Austrian drag queen to take on Eurovision

"[...] But her entry has highlighted Europe's geographical divide on attitudes to homosexuality. Unlikely to raise much controversy in the West, her appearance has prompted criticism by some in the East where anti-gay rhetoric remains more common.

Online petitions have been started in Belarus, Armenia and Russia - whose government passed a law last year banning "gay propaganda" among minors - to have Wurst removed or edited out of broadcasts in their countries.

Armenian Eurovision contender Aram MP3, a 30-year-old man whose real name is Aram Sargsyan, said Wurst's way of life was "not natural" and she should decide to be a woman or a man.

Wurst shot back: "I told him I don't want to be a woman. I am just a working queen and a very lazy boy at home."

Aram MP3 has since apologized, saying his comments were intended as a joke."