Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ridiculous being of Iranian regime: latest targets - football and male haircut

*Mohammad Nosrati (via Daily Mail)
*Sheys Rezaei (via Daily Mail)

This pair of Iranian footballers got suspended for lengthy periods and fined heavily for ‘immoral’ goal celebration. There were even suggestions that they may face lashes.

Two leading Iranian football players face floggings for celebrating goals in a manner the regime deems immoral.

Mohammed Nosrati appeared to place his hand on the buttocks of Sheys Rezaei as members of the Persepolis team, based in Tehran, jumped on each other to celebrate the winning goal in their 3-2 victory over rivals Damash last Saturday. Earlier in the game, which was watched by millions of Iranians on live television, Rezaei appeared to touch the bottom of another teammate, Alireza Noormohammadi, though he insists he was just trying to tickle him.

The Iranian football federation swiftly suspended both players and fined them nearly $40,000 (£25,000) each. But a Tehran judge, Valiallah Hosseini, has now suggested that they should be imprisoned and lashed as well.

“The two players should definitely be charged and sentenced according to Islamic punishment to two months prison and 74 lashes,” he said. Describing their behaviour as a “breach of public chastity”, he continued: “Even if a husband and wife conduct themselves inappropriately in public they are punishable (but) the two players have behaved like this in front of thousands in the stadium and television cameras.” [...] (The Times)
As per latest news, at least one of the players is reportedly seeking his career abroad.
While Nosrati is still under contract with Persepolis, Rezaei was released by the club. The former Persepolis captain, who had repeatedly violated the disciplinary code of the club in the past, reportedly is seeking his luck abroad now.
I’d say, ban football altogether. It’s sooo homoerotic.

But there is more to ridiculous being of Iranian regime.

Recent reports by Amnesty brought to our attention the issue of ‘legal male haircuts’. Apparently, there are only limited number of male haircuts that are ‘approved by state’ in Iran.
The Iranian government dictates which haircuts are acceptable for its citizens. This week's clip from Amnesty TV looks at which styles are approved by the state. The Simon Cowell, the lesser Simon Cowell and the Elvis are pretty safe. But don't even think of trying a mullet or ponytail. (watch the video on The Guardian)

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