Thursday, 6 November 2008

Eurovision 2009: Arame for Armenia?

I hope these rumours are wrong. I do not have anything against Arame per se, but he is typical, unremarkable pop singer. Well, yes, Eurovision is pop, and not the best quality music, but there should be something more to get you win it. I am afraid, Arame is not a Eurovision winner, unless something magical happens... I wish previous rumours which I wrote about - Will SOAD or Serj Tankian represent Armenia at the Eurovision song contest 2009 in Moscow? - are true, although these talks died out subsequently. Serj Tankian would have been a sensational representation for Armenia and true potential winner. Oh, well, it’s Eurovision, and Armenia will not rock it in 2009. Or may be I am wrong.

*For info - Arame was named as “the best male singer of the year” at the Armenian National Music Awards 2007 which was held in February 2008. During the same ceremony, Sirusho won the title of “the best female singer”, and subsequently represented Armenia in Eurovision 2008 finishing 4th.

**photo - by Photolur, via A1+


Katy said...

I hate Arame.

artmika said...

Turkish politician ‘nervous’ of possible SOAD performance for Armenia in Eurovision 2009

Ani said...

You all are wrong.Arame is the Best of the best.He is a Nice singer with very beautiful voice.and he is able to represent Armenia in Eurovision Song Contest.Let;s take another singer Andre,I am sure you think he has geaourgeus voice and a nice artist,but remeber what he did on the stage.He couldn' sing,he couldn't dance.Now He is the Worst as for me and as for many people.Arame is the best