Friday, 19 September 2008

'PINK Armenia' at the Gay Pride in Brazil

PINK Armenia posted a moving account (with photos; see one below) by talented Armenian actor and LGBT activist, one of the founders of PINK Armenia, now residing in Brazil. As far as I am aware, he feels happy there with someone very special. Good luck, Arthur, and… congrats! Look forward to more posts from you.

In Porto Velho, the capital of Brazilian state Rondonha, as it turned out later there was not a single Armenian, except me. I was the one of my type. To present my home land, as a country, where the sexual minorities’ rights are being “protected” or are in this or that stage of protection, was hard to do all by myself. Thanks to people who became my close friends, up to this moment thinking that Armenia is only a name of a character of famous Brazilian actress Arasi Balabanyan «Donna Armenia» from the TV serial “Rainha Da Sucata”, and now knowing for sure, that Ararat is a holy moutain, and that in 1915 armenian nation went through awful Genocide by Osmanian Turkey, decided to help me how to bring out and represent my country in this liberal society...

In the supermarket “Gonsalves Brothers” we bought a flat white towel, red paint ( as there was no pink), a mop, the useless part of which was rounded. In the result of our improvisation a flag was made with an inscription “PINK Armenia” in honour of our organization. There were enough of us to shout as loud as we could, that there are people in Armenian society ready to be among those who are able to accept and not to ignore people, who accept the life differently, the way they like.

The flag “PINK Armenia” was proudly and confidently waving in the sky together with the Brazilian national flag and also with the flag of the state. We moved on...

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