Tuesday, 5 August 2008

New blog - Transgenders in Armenia

Another welcome addition to Armenian LGBT blogosphere, and another important sign that LGBT Armenians are becoming more active in making their voice heard, via various personal initiatives, via blogs and forums.

Transgenders in Armenia

This is the second blog by transgender Armenian which I am aware of. In June, I posted news about new blog Hye Trent, "The ramblings of a Lebanese-born, Middle Eastern Armenian Queer Transguy."

Transgenders in Armenia is started by a Yerevan based transgender Armenian. The author aims to provide essential information about life of transsexual people and create a network of transsexual Armenians so that organised and united they could achieve some progress in protecting their rights and dealing with the prejudices, taking into account Armenian realities.

The good news is that now we have two blogs pursuing similar aims - a good starting basis for collaboration. Without doubt, they could rely on support of other LGBT blogs, and particularly Unzipped: Gay Armenia.

Main language of this new blog is Armenian (plus Russian).

Welcome to blogosphere, N.!


Michael said...

Just FYI: I added the RSS feed to LiveJournal, so it's available alongside Gay Armenia and Hye Trent! The URL is http://syndicated.livejournal.com/transarmenia/.

artmika said...

Thanks, Michael!

N said...

Big Thank you Michael from me too :)