Friday, 6 June 2008

Interview with Nancy Agabian: forthcoming book, poetry, family, Armenian community, bisexuality, gay rights and equality

Here is an opportunity to celebrate an achievement. I would like to recommend this interview with well known Armenian gay and women rights activist, former head of New York based Armenian gay rights group AGLA NY (HyeQs of New York), talented writer Nancy Agabian. She is the author of no longer updated (unfortunately!) One Armenian World blog, which was among my favourite blogs back then.

This interview was conducted by Hye Eli initiative. Nancy speaks about her poetry, family, life as bisexual Armenian woman, gay and lesbian Armenians, and her forthcoming book.

Nancy is the author of Princess Freak (Beyond Baroque Books, 2000), a collection of poems and performance art texts. Her writing has also appeared in numerous anthologies, including Birthmark: A Bilingual Anthology of Armenian-American Poetry (Open Letter Press, 1999), Scream When You Burn, an anthology from Caffeine Magazine (Incommunicado, 1998), and Hers 2: Brilliant New Fiction from Lesbian Writers (Faber & Faber, 1997). Her recently completed memoir, which will be published soon, Me as her again, explores her Armenian-American family’s influence on her coming-of-age, especially the stories of her feminist mother and survivor grandmother. Nancy lives in New York City, where she teaches writing and coordinates GARTAL, an Armenian literary reading series.

You may listen to the interview with Nancy Agabian here

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